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The following testimonial is from Kira Tyree, a JA Alumna, volunteer, and recipient of the JA Future Laureate Scholarship from Glen Allen High School near Richmond, VA.

"I remember my first JA experience. As a twelve year old, the words 'field trip' gave me an adrenaline rush. I didn't care if it was a field trip to the school parking lot; I was able to get out of class with my friends. My teacher told us we were going to JA Finance Park. When I first stepped off the bus my expression turned sour. I was certain this would be the worst field trip ever, but it was the opposite. We received a folder, an overview and freedom. Freedom to make our own decisions. I had to pay bills, buy food, and so many other activities that gave me a hands-on experience with reality. I honestly believe JA Finance Park sparked my interest in the business world.

"Six years later, I was able to make the same impact JA made in my life. Through the JA High School Heroes program, I volunteered with ninety other Glen Allen students to teach JA programs at Highland Springs Elementary. The connection I established with each student is much better than them learning about entrepreneurship through a textbook. After two years of volunteering with JA, there is one thing that really stuck with me. I can make a difference in my community. I am a foundation, a role model for these children. JA gave me the opportunity to go back to the place I came from and become more involved. Not only did I improve as a student, but also as a person."

Thank you for the great testimonial!

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